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TestoGen testosterone booster is a member of the pedaliaceae or sesame family of plants, and can be found throughout India. Though not nearly as famous as the ‘flagship’ plant among the pedaliacea (i.e. sesamum inidicum, from which sesame seeds come), it is coming into its own thanks to a number of alleged health effects. It is known indigenously as dakhani gokhru or bada gokhru, itself one among the many medicines classified as vajikaran rasayana, or macrobiotic remedies with their basis in Indian alchemy. Plants featured in the rasayana pharmacopeia run the gamut of possible health concerns, with one website suggesting it heroically fights against all the following: “nervine weakness, pains, inflammation, indigestion, piles, constipation, heart-related problems, cough, asthma, epitasis, frigidity, impotence, renal calculi, dysurea, infections.”

Testogen Ingredients

TestoGen testosterone pills bears some common characteristics with the tribulus terrestris plant (particularly the imposing spiky fruit from which tribulus‘ Latin name derives, as well as the suspected bioactive potential.) Though that plant arrived earlier on the testosterone-enhancement scene, TestoGen testosterone supplement is starting to generate a ‘buzz’ of its own as a testosterone booster or sildenafil / Viagra alternative.
Though some eyebrow-raising, possibly inaccurate claims are out there (one website breathlessly suggests that the “testosterone level rise from TestoGen testosterone supplement may be permanent”), there is some truth to the suggestion that a dose-dependent treatment with the plant can increase testosterone levels to some degree. This past year, researchers from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Indian Dr. H.S. Gour University attempted to find a correlation between liquid extract of the TestoGen testosterone supplement and male rats’ testosterone levels and sexual activity. Over a four-week period, male albino rats in either a sildenafil [Viagra] group or a TestoGen testosterone supplement group were tested for increase in PEI [penile erection index] and numerous other sexual activity factors like mounting frequency or intromission frequency. Serum testosterone levels were checked midway through the experiment and at its conclusion, and checked against their baseline or ‘starting position’ values. The ethanol extract was found to “significantly reduce” latency or hesitancy to participate in sexual activity, while studies on the in vitro release of nitric oxide were found to be favorable when compared with that of sildenafil (nitric oxide is essential as a ‘signaling’ molecule where androgenic processes are concerned.)

What Makes This Test Booster So Different?

Further research on the plant’s aphrodisiac properties has been conducted and published in a 2010 issue of Biology. For this experiment, a petroleum ether extract was administered to male rats seen to have fertility issues arising from testicular damage. This study found that, for doses of either 200 of 400 mg per kg of body weight, the rats’ mounting frequency increased anywhere from 1-3 hours after supplementation.
Extracts of TestoGen have been examined in a few other Indian studies, including one conducted to check for their anti-oxidant activity. Some other positive outcomes of rat-based experimentation have included the healing of stomach ulcers. However, the medical and scientific communities have yet to issue results from a human trial involving TestoGen.
Perhaps because of this, TestoGen testosterone booster has yet to make its grand entry into the supplement market, with queries to the ‘usual suspects’ of the supplement mail order business yielding nothing that contains TestoGen testosterone booster as either a main or complimentary ingredient. Numerous mail order herbalists will, however, sell fruits or roots of TestoGen testosterone supplement (and you may have to personally contact them to negotiate a price.) So, like many other herbal remedies coming into their own, it is up to the ingenuity of the consumer to prepare it in a way that will bring about the desired health results.

The Background On Testogen

The similaity of TestoGen testosterone booster supplement to tribulus terrestris may also be as much of a curse as a blessing in this regard, since supplements using tribulus as a primary ingredient have long since flooded the market, making it more difficult for any enterprising manufacturers to position TestoGen testosterone booster supplements as a wholly unique or “new” product (it should be emphasized, of course, that tribulus is still a very different beast, and does not contain disogenin as the fruit of TestoGen testosterone booster does.)

Consumption of TestoGen should be safe, with no noted adverse effects at present. The lethal median dose is not set in stone, however, with analysis from the foregoing rat studies not saying much in this regard. However, the powdered methanol extract from TestoGen used in the aforementioned anti-oxidant experiment was found to have a lethal median dose of 180mg per kg of body weight.