Azelaic acid normalizes impaired keratinization processes in the follicles of the sebaceous glands and reduces the content of free fatty acids in the skin lipids.Exhibit antimicrobial activity against testosterone suspension cycle.

Azelaic acid has a dose-dependent and occasionally overwhelming impact on the growth and viability of abnormal melanocytes.

The drug is practically not absorbed into the systemic circulation (about 3.6% when applying 5 g of cream). Some suck acid excreted by the kidneys in an unchanged form, part – in the form of dicarboxylic acids (C7, C5) formed as a result of beta-oxidation.



  • Acne vulgaris (acne vulgaris)
  • Hyperpigmentation type of melasma, such as chloasmaCONTRAINDICATIONS

    Hypersensitivity to the drug.


    The drug is used topically.
    Before using the drug skin should be cleaned with water or a mild detergent cosmetic product, then dry. The cream is applied to the affected skin with a thin layer and gently rubbed 2 times a day (morning and evening).  Be applied in sufficient quantities; however,  should not be used excessively (about 2.5 cm of cream is sufficient for the entire facial surface).

    It is important that testosterone suspension cycle used regularly throughout the treatment period.

    The duration of treatment depends on the individual picture of the disease and severity of symptoms. When acne improvement is usually seen after 4 weeks of treatment. However, for best results it is recommended to continue the use of the drug for several months.

    At a minimum melasma treatment is about three months for the best results, you should regularly use skinorenom. During the whole period of treatment should always be used in parallel with skinorenom wide spectrum sunscreens (UV B and UV A) to prevent exposure to the sun caused by the aggravation of the disease and / or re-pigmentation of the bleached areas.


    At the beginning of treatment in some cases, perhaps local irritating effect, redness and peeling of the skin, burning, erythema, pruritus. In most cases, strong irritation symptoms, and they usually disappear during treatment. In very rare cases, there may be allergic skin reactions (eg, rash).

    In the case of a smaller number should be applied skin irritation cream at one time or reduce the frequency of use of Skinoren to once a day, if necessary, may temporarily interrupt treatment for several days.


    Animal studies showed no risk of acute intoxication at a single overdose with cutaneous application and ingestion.


    The drug is intended for external use only.

    Avoid contact with the eyes of the drug, as well as on the wound surface. In case of contact rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    Epidermal and dermal-epidermal mixed types of melasma skinorenom respond well to treatment. Dermal melasma, on the contrary, skinorenom not treated. Wood’s lamp is recommended for differential diagnosis.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Azelaic acid number that can be transmitted testosterone suspension cycle together with the infant breastmilk slightly and does not involve any danger, given the extremely low toxicity of the drug.

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