Azelaic acid normalizes impaired keratinization processes in the follicles of the sebaceous glands and reduces the content of free fatty acids in the skin lipids.Exhibit antimicrobial activity against testosterone suspension half life acnes and  epidermidis. Azelaic acid has a dose-dependent and occasionally overwhelming impact on the growth and viability of abnormal melanotsitov.

The drug is practically not absorbed into the systemic circulation (about 3.6% when applying 5 g of the gel). Some suck acid excreted by the kidneys in an unmodified form, part – in the form of dicarboxylic acids (C7, C5) formed as a result of beta-okisleniya.Pokazaniya for use

Acne, Rosacea.


Hypersensitivity to the drug. Pregnancy and lactation

was not teratogenic in experimental studies of the properties of azelaic acid revealed. The amount of azelaic acid, which can get the baby with breast milk, slightly and does not involve any risk (given the extremely low toxicity of the drug).

In clinical studies, it was not established that the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation has a negative impact on the health of the woman testosterone suspension half life or the fetus (child).

Dosing and Administration

Outwardly. Before applying the gel, wash your skin with water or a mild detergent cosmetic product, then dry. The gel is applied thinly to the affected skin areas twice a day (morning and evening) and rubbed gently. Approximately 2.5 cm of gel is sufficient for the entire facial surface. It is important that Skinoren used regularly throughout the treatment period. Duration of use Skinoren is individual and depends on the severity of the disease. The improvement occurs typically after 4 weeks of treatment. However, for best results, use Skinoren gel for several months.

Side effect

Early treatment is rarely possible local irritating effect, redness and peeling of the skin, burning, erythema, pruritus. In most cases, strong irritation and symptoms usually disappear during treatment. In very rare cases, there may be allergic skin reactions (eg, rash), contact dermatitis and folliculitis.


The phenomena of overdose when used externally are not installed.

Interaction with other drugs

Clinically significant interactions have been identified when using .

special instructions

In the case of skin irritation should reduce the amount of a single application of the gel or reduce the frequency of application skinoren to once a day. If testosterone suspension half life necessary, may temporarily interrupt treatment for several days.

Avoid contact with the eyes of the drug. In case of accidental contact – rinse with water immediately.

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